1st Days of School ~ What to Bring!
~ Backpack (labeled with child's name on the outside)
~ Lunchbox (labeled on the outside) or lunch $ for hot lunch (place in folder)

~ Healthy snack labeled with your child's name (please bring ONE snack everyday, as I do not provide snacks)
~ A smile & lots of enthusiasm!!!

On the first day of school, just like every day going forward, we have a "Kiss and Go" policy. Lingering when your child becomes upset upon your departure only prolongs his/her ability to recover and move on with the day and it also sets up false expectations about the drop-off routine for Kindergarten. Rest assured…your child is safe and will be well taken care of so feel free to call and check in on your child later in the day! Remember...this will be an adjustment for you as well as your child.

Morning Rituals & Routines
The first 4-6 weeks we heavily emphasize rituals & routines that take place throughout our school day. Morning rituals & routines are a vital part of your child's day as they set the tone for the remainder of the day. It is essential that you allow your child to be independent in doing these tasks as it builds confidence and responsibility and lays the foundation for future responsibilities that your child will encounter later on in Kindergarten and beyond!

Your child is expected to...
~ carry his/her own backpack
~ hang up backpack & coat
~ place snack in the bucket & lunch box in the cart
~ return back-n-forth folders on Monday and place in the folder bin
~ walk into the classroom independently
~ complete morning rituals and routines