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In alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Reader's & Writer's Workshops are intended to support and build upon each other as a cohesive partnership within the classroom. In order to deepen reading comprehension and higher level thinking about reading, writing about reading plays a critical role in literacy. We endorse the use of quality, mentor texts that lend themselves to interactive read alouds; reading like a writer; writing with the reader in mind; noticing the craft of mentor authors and implementing these techniques into individual writing.

Each literacy workshop consists of a brief mini-lesson (10-15 min.), independent work time (30-45 min), and share time (5 min).
It is important to remember that each child is in a different place in literacy and the ultimate expectation is that each child does his/her best and continues to progress through independent work following literacy mini-lessons.

Reader's Workshop Our Reader's Workshop consists of whole group mini-lessons, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading & workstations using Daily 5. Book Boxes are the main "tools of the trade" in addition to the work that they explore in workstations.

Writer's WorkshopOur Writer's Workshop consists of shared writing, interactive writing, independent writing, and workstations. At the beginning of the school year we spend a great deal of time launching the workshop, focusing on rituals and routines, and how to carry on as an independent writer.

Writing is typically the area in which Kindergartners vary the most (at least in the beginning)! Some students are still trying to gain finger strength & motor control as well as learn a variety of new skills at the same time so each child is not necessarily doing all of these all the time, or just yet in his/her writing. The best way to help your child at home is to encourage your child to write EVERYDAY!!! Please refer to my Writing Page for different types of writing your child should be doing & for suggestions on how to help your child with writing at home.

*Please have an ABC Chart available or some other visual tool available for your child each time your child writes to aid in stretching out sounds and writing letters properly*

The best way for your child to progress in writing is to have lots & lots of independent practice!! Be available to guide your child but encourage your child to stretch out sounds or do "best guess spelling" using available tools (ABC Chart) and then holding him/her accountable for snap words that should be spelled correctly (I, a, the, is, my) using the Snap Word list (coming soon!). As tempting as it may be, please do not spell every word for your child or have him/her copy your own writing (with the exception of names:) as he/she will learn best by doing the actual work!