Current Unit of Inquiry ~ Who We Are...Family

Central Idea:
Families provide the foundation through which relationships and identities develop.

Transdisciplinary Theme:
An exploration of the nature of the self; of our beliefs and values/of personal, physical, mental, social, and spiritual health; of our families, friends, communities and culture of our rights and responsibilities; of what it means to be human.

Students will…..
  • Work in small collaborative groups to research and record information about their own family and families around the world.. This project will also include roles and responsibilities within a family as a focus.
  • Create a timeline of their life to show change over time.

Guiding Questions:
What are the different roles in a family?
How are you responsible to your family?

Lines of Inquiry:
*Make up of a family
*Roles and responsibilities in a family
*Changes in a family

Key Concepts:

Learner Profiles:
Caring: Students will develop a caring attitude toward people and their families through a comparative explorations of families around the world.

Communicator: Students will discuss the components of a family and reflect through family portraits and presentations.

IB Attitudes:
Tolerance: Students will focus on the responsibilities of members in their families.

Appreciation: Students will explore ideas of how they are thankful of their family.